OSIsoft PI

On-Premise Driver

The PI-Driver facilitates communication between the IOTA VUE Cluster (back-end) and the OSIsoft PI Data Archive (source). It supports all PI Data Archive object types, while the AF Driver supports all AF object types.

The driver is stateless, meaning it does not maintain source connections or data caches, which is crucial for supporting distributed architectures. The PI-Driver can also support write-back to the source PI Data Archive, although this functionality can be disabled for security or other reasons. A single PI-Driver service can support multiple connections to different PI Data Archives. Here is the mapping between the IOTA types and the PI object types:

IOTA Type Supported? Source Type
Tag 🟢 PI Point
Asset 🟢 PI Module with PI Aliases
Timeframe 🟢 PI Batch, PI UnitBatch, PI Subbatch
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