Your PI ProcessBook

After more than 25 years, OSIsoft announced that PI ProcessBook will be phased out. OSIsoft no longer provides security updates as of January 2023.

Planning for end-of-life
We recognize that advanced planning is critical to your business. End-users with limited internal resources or those that developed VB scripts in ProcessBook and/or relied on the SQC add-in are likely to face migration challenges that will require migration support. ProcessBook will go through several phases during its decommissioning,  OSIsoft published an end-of-support timeline as follows:

Our platform is designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved. Automatically migrate all ProcessBook content. The migration will preserve:

We will identify items OSIsoft declares as un-migratable (SQC, Batch Group) and migrate those. No training is necessary, creating a seamless user transition from ProcessBook to IOTA VUE.

IOTA Vue design aspires to enable 100% migration